Daydreamer. Nightthinker.
is a graphic designer, food lover and an introverted airhead. At the moment she is studying in an integrated degree program in Graphic Design und Visual Communication at the HMKW. Meaning that she will graduate with two degrees. She just came back from her exchange in northern Finland. There she went ice hole swimming. Truthfully, she wasn't swimming but quickly dipping into the water. But she is proud of herself anyways.
She likes to simplify the visual communication between medium and receiver and prefers to keep things simple and fool proof. Wang has a Vietnamese migration background. Growing up bilingual she had her fair share of miscommunication going on around her which lead her to studying Visual Communication: A language that catches the eyes.
Since studying Graphic Design she has witnessed hundreds of paper masses fallen prey to the trash can. She doesn't like that. Wang has always been faithful to her books but nowadays she is torn between buying an e-book reader or not. For what spikes her interest is the transition from print design to digital web design, when static objects start to move and transform fluently. 
Her goal for 2018 is to improve her skills in Premiere, After Effects and maybe get to know Flash. 
She has a LinkedIn account for more information on her CV.

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