Bus System Map in Rovaniemi

Lecturer: Lönegren
Course: Visualisation of Information
Tools: Illustrator
Rovaniemi, the city of Santa Claus in northern Finland is the place I spent as an exchange student. I had enough time to get to know the whole city. While it has a bus system even locals have difficulties to understand it. The city lacks a map and an english translation for foreigners.

By using the existing bus schedule from Rovaniemi I looked up all bus routes on Google Maps and had 21 routes in total. After that I compiled them by overlapping them in Illustrator, named the bus stops and looked for intersections.
Overlapping all screenshots
Looking for intersections and bus stops
Naming alll bus stops
Final Product
After finishing my design I noticed that my map resembled a reindeer's head. So I changed the background in the next step to highlight that reindeer.
Final product
Can you spot the reindeer?
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