Design concept: Conifere 

Lecturer: Bahman Avaedi, Karan Khorasani
Course: Design Concept
Tools: InDesign | Photoshop | Illustrator

Case simulation 
The two master carpenter Dirk Wigner and Sven Maylan founded the interior design company “Conifere” in Baden-Wuerttemberg, germany. Conifere specalises in custom-built interior design solution for houses and apartments. The company didn’t have a corporate design yet. Up to now the company has gotten new clients through buzz marketing. Their clientele has consisted of regular customers so far. To professionalize their outer appearance further and establish their brand image a design concept was to be created. The Design must always convey the values and high quality of the company, explaining the high prices of the products.​​​​​​​
My design concept is summed up in a 90-pages book. It consists of market and marketing research, an analysis of the company resulting in explanations for my design decisions and the creation of a logo, a style guide and print products for branding and marketing purposes. The concept has 90 pages. For the final presentation the business cards, measuring sheets, the poster and the postcards were printed out.
Showroom opening hours
Business Cards
Poster for the new opening of the showroom
Landing Page
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