Bachelor Thesis: Tangible Introversion
Action and Emotion – A Research about the quality of experience of materialistic paper interactions
Graphic and Concept Designer

2017 | 5 weeks (printing included) 

Illustrator | InDesign | Photoshop

The focus of this work is the investigation of the quality of experience of material paper interaction. Furthermore, the examination of the suitability of the personality trait introversion should be considered or made comprehensible.


1. What effect do selected interactions with paper have on the emotional state of the participants? 

2. Are certain stable emotional associations associated with physical paper interactions across a broader spectrum of people?

3. How can the personality trait introversion be made tangible or comprehensible through selected physical interaction with the traditional medium paper

My bachelor thesis deals with the topic introversion. The aim of my thesis was to turn the often negatively connoted notion of introversion into a positive or at least neutral one by targeting the haptic perception of the user. 

I created a specially designed prototype of a book, allowing readers to experience the worlds of perception of more introverted people. For this purpose, I used tactile paper interactions that are meant to touch on an emotional level and complement the explanatory text in my book. The work can be classified in the area of ​​emotion and experience design. 

In a qualitative study, I examined the effect of various such interactions on the feelings of subjects and derived the concrete design of the paper interactions for the book from them. The concrete instructions in the book serve to generate certain emotions. For example, poking through paper triggers a sense of stress and overstimulation that introverted people are fastly exposed to in everyday life when they are overstimulated.

In addition, I evaluated in a before-and-after survey how the subject's opinions on introverted people had changed through interacting with the book. The book indeed helped improve the view on introversion.
Design Process
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